Savings Comparison Explanation

Hatton Court Saving you 29.80%

Our savings calculation is based on a one night stay for two adults on our Classic Cotswold Getaway - Executive Room package on Thursday, 23 January 2020, compared with booking direct on the hotel's own website. We don't include 'flash sales', advanced purchase deals with no booking flexibility, or other short term, limited special offers.

What's included... Typical Price Our Deal
Total £198 £139
Payable On Booking
£110 £139
Late Checkout
Morning Newspaper

How We Calculate Our Savings

At Offpeakluxury, we are committed to bringing our honest, all year round, special offers, at luxury hotels in the UK & Ireland carefully selected by our team. 'Offpeak' doesn't mean you are limited to certain times of the year, it means that you don't pay peak prices. But we specialise in getting the best deals for the full hotel experience - usually including dinner and breakfast and other luxury extras - at times when the hotels might be quieter, and are open about showing you the savings you can achieve by travelling at the right time.