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Frequently asked questions

How are the gift vouchers sent?

You can choose between electronic vouchers by email or instant download, or printed vouchers sent by first class post.

How long will it take to receive my vouchers?

Electronic vouchers should take less than 5 minutes. Postal vouchers are typically despatched by first class post within 2 working days, and never longer than 5 working days. Pre-Chrismas orders in December are guaranteed to be posted by the next working day. If you require your vouchers particularly urgently, other than in December, please let us know and we will do our best to assist.

How long are the vouchers valid for?

They are valid for one year. The start date can be chosen at the point of purchase, so you can buy a voucher with a full 12 months validity from whenever you will be presenting it to someone.

What is the difference between the two voucher types?

Our monetary gift Vouchers allow the recipient to book any offer or package on the website and receive the value off the price. The recipient can add extra to make up the value. The 'Hotel Break Gift Vouchers' option is to book a certain special offer package at a specific hotel. This is popular if you know that the recipient has a special destination they enjoy.

How is the voucher redeemed?

Vouchers must be redeemed through our web sites or by calling us. They have no value at hotels.

Can I have the voucher sent to me so I can give to the recipient?

Of course. Please follow closely the online ordering instructions. You can specify exactly where the voucher is sent.

Can I purchase multiple vouchers at one time?

Yes, Please follow the online instructions carefully. You can make multiple purchases of our gift Vouchers at once, and have them sent to different places or the same, and by post or email.

What if the recipient doesn't use the full voucher value in one booking?

The unused amount remains active on the voucher. A voucher can be used for any number of bookings until it has been fully spent.

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